Faith Formation

Sacramental Preparation groups for the parish first Holy Communion and Confirmation groups meet in the Church Lodge as and when necessary. Other faith formation and sacramental preparation courses takes place.

“Do This in Memory”
This is the name of the parish-based programme for the preparation of First Communion. The thinking behind this programme is as follows:

  • The preparation of children for the sacraments is the responsibility of the home, school and parish working together in partnership.
  • The work of preparation begins long before the First Communion celebration.
  • The celebration of First Communion is not an end in itself. It is a sacred and important moment on a long journey of growing in faith, from Baptism through to Confirmation to becoming a full member of the Christian Community.
  • The preparation of our children for the sacraments is one element of the bigger task of helping parishioners in general grow in religious knowledge and faith.